bound by decencycaptured by freedommenaced by nobilitybedeviled by propriety

Bound by Decency

Captured by Freedom

Menaced by Nobility

Bedeviled by Propriety


Cain, Captain of The Kraken
Real Name: Theodore Cathain, half owner of Grey and Cathain Shipping
Height: 6 foot
Hair: Wild and dark brown
Eye Color:  Light blue
Tattoos and Piercings: None
Jolly Roger Design: Two skulls facing one another

Brief Biography:

1689 -

Born, Bristol, England, son of a merchant captain and a nagging country maid


Sailed with his father on trade expeditions between England and France

1709 -

Signed with Captain Henry Jennings under a letter of marque to pursue the Spanish; met Richard Grey this same year


Joined The Flying Gang after the end of the war with Spain; inherits the Spanish treasure from Jennings; Richard Grey becomes his first mate / quartermaster


Resigned his position among The Flying Gang to establish the shipping giant, Grey and Cathain Shipping; goes on to achieve respect and notariety for his honest business practices


Begins discussions with William Prescott to merge Grey and Cathain Shipping with Prescott Shipping, positions Cain as a rival to the East India Company


Arrested for piracy in Charles Towne, by Lt. Jacobs of the Royal Navy